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ISO Container transportation from Serbia to Greece

Another success of our company is ISO container transport dangerous material from Serbia to Greece.As photographs describe, loading and unloading conditions were really tough as the receiving point of this container was not easily accessible.For the safe handling of loading was necessary to use a tow truck and the full observance of safety rules, so from everyone collaborator and by well learners our drivers, who once again establish our company one as one of the best in the transfer area.


ADR Carriages | Kesidis Trans LTD

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ADR Carriages | Kesidis Trans LTD

Kesidis Trans Ltd is a dynamically growing company active in International and National Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). The company’s priority is to safely deliver goods and satisfy its customers



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ADR Carriages | Kesidis Trans LTD

Niovis 1, 56431, Stavroupoli, Thessaloniki, Greece

+30 231 182 1692

+30 231 182 1692